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3 Good Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Website

With over 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide, ensuring your website is optimised for mobile devices has become more vital than ever before.

Having a mobile optimised website essentially means when your website is viewed from a device other than a desktop, a mini version is visible on a smaller screen. The content on your website must be responsive depending on the type of mobile device being used and should be easy to navigate from your users fingertips.

Distribution of Online Traffic Worldwide in 2019

Distribution of online traffic worldwide in 2019, by device and vertical - Statista

Website responsiveness is a necessity nowadays especially since mobiles account for over half of the web traffic for many industries. It is particularly important for websites with an online store as consumers are more likely to browse and shop from the convenience of their fingertips. For example, clothing sites have 66% of traffic via mobile phone, 7% of traffic via a tablet, and just 27% of traffic coming from a desktop.

There are many other reasons you should consider building a mobile optimised website including:

  • Mobile optimisation is highly analysed by Search engines.

  • Mobile optimised websites lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Mobile optimisation leads to increased pageviews and reduced bounce rates.

1. Mobile optimisation is SEO friendly

Google released an update regarding mobile search results, indicating that websites that are optimised for mobile devices will appear higher in search results. The reason for this is so that users who are searching from a mobile device, will be shown high quality and responsive websites over not-so mobile optimised websites.

2. Mobile optimised sites lead to customer loyalty A website that is displayed nicely on a mobile device and is easy to navigate creates a positive user experience. A positive experience from a customer is priceless as they are more likely to return to your website when necessary, knowing that they can easily get what they need from your website wherever they are.

3. Mobile optimisation increases time spent on your website

If a website loads fast and is easy to navigate on a smaller screen, your user is more likely to float around your website for longer by clicking through to multiple pages to browse your business.

The implication for website development is that a site needs to be more than simply responsive to various screen sizes and devices, it needs to be designed with mobile first.

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